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AMD Radeon Technology Group、上級副社長兼ゼネラルマネージャー、マイク・レイフィールドが辞任

AMD's Radeon Technology Group (RTG) continues to be in a state of flux, with another executive leaving the company. This time, RTG General Manager and Senior Vice President, Mike Rayfield (pictured on the left below) will be resigning by year's end, marking the second time in a calendar year the group has been devoid of a formal leader. Rayfield previously worked for NVIDIA as the General Manager of their Tegra business unit, and was Vice President and General Manager of Micron's mobile storage business unit prior to that. Having served in all these roles for quite some time, it is somewhat of a surprise to see him leaving AMD so quickly, having only just joined the company back in February 2018. With that said, AMD has said the reason for this departure is so that he can 'spend more time with his family and pursue his personal passions'.

RTGの現在のエンジニアリング担当上級副社長であるDavid Wang(右下の写真)は、彼の後継者です。 2000年から2012年までの期間にR300からGCN 1.0のGPUエンジニアとしてATI / AMDグラフィックスカードに携わった経歴を持つ彼は、AMDで名高い歴史を持っています。辞任、王とレイフィールドの両方が一緒に働いてRTGグループをリードしています。これにより、Wangの役割は一時的なものにすぎないものの、職務の移行は比較的スムーズになり、AMDがRayfieldの長期的な後継者として誰を選ぶかを見るのは興味深いでしょう。

Source: Anandtech