IntelのChris Hookが、Intel GPUでVESA Adaptive Syncをサポートするというコミットメントを確認

Intel's Chris Hook (there's something strange there) said in a conversation with r/Hardware's moderator dylan522p that the company is still planning on adding support for VESA's Adaptive Sync (also known as AMD's own FreeSync branding) in Intel GPUs. To put this in perspective, Intel is the single largest player in the overall graphics market; their integrated solutions mean they have the highest graphics accelerator share in the market, even against AMD and NVIDIA - and Intel hasn't even entered the discrete graphics market - yet.

青い巨人がこのオプションを追求することは理にかなっています-ロイヤリティフリーのフレーム同期は独自の代替案を開発します。迅速な思考運動は、NVIDIAのG-Syncが業界からのこのような強力なサポートによって無関係にされることに向けられる可能性があります。 Sources: r/ Hardwaree subreddit - via Chris Hook, via Overclock3D