TSMCは2022年に3 nmを提供する予定です

TSMC is delivering record results day after day, with a 5 nm manufacturing process starting High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) in Q2 next year, 7 nm process getting plenty of orders and the fact that TSMC just became the biggest company publicly trading in Asia. Continuing with the goal to match or even beat the famous Moore's Law, TSMC is already planning for future 3 nm node manufacturing, promised to start HVM as soon as 2022 arrives, according to JK Wang, TSMC's senior vice president of fab operations. Delivering 3 nm a whole year before originally planned in 2023, TSMC is working hard, with fab construction work doing quite well, judging by all the news that the company is releasing recently.

ホリデーシーズンが到来する2022年の終わり頃に、3 nmの製造プロセスを使用して構築された製品の最初の波を期待できます。 AppleやHiSiliconのような通常のお客様は、HVMの準備ができ次第、新しいノードを確実に活用し、3 nmプロセッサを搭載したスマートフォンをお届けします。

Source: DigiTimes